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Beijing Orientbit Technology Co., Ltd

Company Profile

Beijing Orientbit Technology Co., Ltd ( is an internet based information serving platform in pharmaceutical & medical industry. It is devoted to professional information consulting, which covers from APIs, pharmaceutical products to terminal distribution.

 It provides the medical industry with information, marketing surveys marketing reports on many blocks: chemical drugs, Chinese drugs, health food, animal health production, medical treatment instruments biological pharmaceuticals. We also provide the drug price information, issue the Annual Report on the China API Industry. Furthermore, we publish the Chinese APIs export & import reports by monthly annually.

We hold the international conference to communicate with overseas buyers domestic suppliers. We serve domestic clients including large medium sized Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises, joint ventures, medical research institutions, as well as major multinational corporations information consulting firms.

Contact Info

Beijing Orientbit Technology Co., Ltd

13F, NO2 Building, FuXing International, TianHua North Street, Yizhuang, Daxing District, Beijing, P.R. China 

China ZIP Code 100176

Tel:+86-10-68032463 Fax +86-10-68052505

  Our services:
?China Im\Ex data service
?Service fees of Chinese Vision
?Our service items
Online information introduction
Monthly information
Relative Information
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  • Notification of Pricing Adjustment
  • Puli s Sodium Nitroprusside got DMF number
  • Vertellus increased 3-methylpyridine
  • Potential coronavirus drug approved for marketing
  • Vertellus got Nicotinamide feed production license
  • Tianli Anhydrous Glucose Mannitol approved
  • Hisun got Piracetam CEP certificate of Tacrolimus
  • Shandong started rectification action for chemical industry park
  • Address: Suite 13F,NO2 Building, FuXing International, TianHua North Street, Yizhuang, Daxing District, Beijing, P.R. China
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