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Healthoo Information:

Our service items

1 China's pharmaceutical market report

   We have finished more than 100 reports, inlcuding: industry reports銆丄PIs Annual reports, market reports for different categories of drugs. Every report is writtern by us. All data have original sources.

2 APIs import & export report

   Healthoo.Com combines an extensive research network, applied analytical
expertise an established track record to provide high value import
&export statistics on Chinese bulk drugs.

   The report on each product provides the following information:
   Date of import/export
   Name of the importer/exporter
   Country of origin/Port of destination
   Quantity imported/exported
   Pricing in US dollars: FOB for exports, CIF for imports
   Monthly, Quarterly Annual data cycles

3 Customizing services

   If you need the reports that we don't list in the webpages, please contanct us, we can finish this report according to your requirements. If you need special information about China's pharmaceutical market or related policies, please contanct us, we'll do our best to satisfy your requirements.
銆€銆€Our services:
China Im\Ex data service
Service fees of Chinese Vision
Our service items
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Monthly information
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