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Monthly information of Chinese APIs industry錛圖ecember 2022錛?/FONT>
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Brief introduction錛?/span>


The API monthy information is specially designed for English readers. The contents mainly come from's English webpages.


Every month, the monthly information includes the key infomation of last month in APIs industry. By the monthly information, you can know the current market situation of APIs in China, the trend of export price of key exported APIs, the enterprise news policy news.


Monthly information of Chinese APIs industry錛?/span>December 2022錛?/span>




Part 鈪?/span>: Market situation analysis


The first three quarters of 2022, vitamin B6 market was sluggish demwas weak.


The first three quarters of 2022: the export of sitagliptin its intermediates to India rose 14 times.

Cephalosporin API Market in Post-epidemic Era.


Part 鈪?/span>: Enterprise news industry news       


The demfor cold medicines has increased greatly, the crude drugs of antipyretic analgesic drugs are tight expensive.      


DSM is affected by the energy cost, the production base of vitamin A will stop production.


DSM recently issued a notice on the discontinuation of vitamin A the reduction of vitamin E production.


Sichuan Bohaodas 10,000-ton enzymatic inositol production line project will be completed by the end of 2022.     


Some manufacturers stopped reporting signing vitamin A vitamin E from November 23rd until the end of the year.        


On November 23rd, the quotation of NHU Vitamin E products was suspended.  


Novo Nordisk Shanghai ShanghaiPharmaceutical Holdings sign a contract to make another breakthrough incooperation         


Hebei Guangxiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has a busy production line, it is estimated that the export volume will break 100 million USD in 2022


On November 10th, the latest quotation of L- carnitine series products of Hubei Chuwei Pharmaceutical Co.


A domestic mainstream biotin manufacturer will stop reporting signing from now on.


Zhucheng Haotian Pharmaceutical Company upgraded its inositol production line from November 15th.


On November 8th, Galaxy Chemical lifted its control all production lines resumed normal production.     


On November 7th, some vitamin C manufacturers resumed their external quotation.


Longjiang Fufeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. invested 300 million yuan to build a new 70 threonine production project        


Inner Mongolia Qingquan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. invested expanded chondroitin sulfate project.    

Jilin Beisha Pharmaceutical raised the price of vitamin E on November 3rd.        


Latest news: Since November 2nd, some domestic manufacturers have raised the prices of vitamin E vitamin A.    


On November 2nd, a domestic factory stopped reporting signing vitamin A products.        


Part 鈪?/span>: Price information    


  1. Export price of Vitamins


  2. Export price of Antibiotics        


   3.Export prices of Antipyretic analgesic      


   4.Export prices of hormone APIs



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