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Indian pharma makes a return to penicillin G manufacture with PLI scheme2024-04-10
Brother Technologys latest price of vitamin B1 2024-04-10
The latest price of vitamin B1 in Hubei Huazhong Pharmaceutical 2024-04-10
On March 11th, domestic manufacturers of caffeine stopped reporting.2024-03-14
A factory in Europe stopped production of vitamin E workshop for 2 months.2024-03-14
Vitamin E manufacturers stopped reporting signing, the market price rose steadily.2024-03-14
Seven Star Lemon Technology Co., Ltd. 500,000 tons of citric acid was put into production in June 2024.2024-03-14
Recently, major manufacturers of vitamin B1 stopped reporting signing.2024-03-14
BASF resumed quoting for vitamin E vitamin A, the prices were greatly increased.2024-03-08
The annual production capacity of vitamin B1 products of Brother Technology is 3,200 tons.2024-03-08
Jiangxi Tianxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. stopped reporting signing vitamin B6 products on March 72024-03-08
Shandong Prodebang invested in the reconstruction expansion of ceftazidime side chain active ester T-15AE active ester projects.2024-03-01
Inner Mongolia Huabei Pharmaceutical Hua Kai Pharmaceutical invested in the reconstruction expansion of the flexible production project of sodium isovitamin C vitamin C production lines.2024-02-29
The latest news: Yuxing Bio raised the price of vitamin B12 feed on February 29th.2024-02-29
Zhejiang Shengchuang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. steroid hormone raw material medicine upgrading project will be put into production soon.2024-02-28
Xinfa pharmaceutical "D- calcium pantothenate" products successfully entered the Turkish market.2024-02-28
Vitamin C manufacturers suddenly stopped quoting.2024-02-28
Brother Technology Vitamin K3 raises the offer2024-02-27
Vitamin C stopped reporting for more than three months, welcoming manufacturers to resume quotation one after another.2024-02-22
Shengda Bios performance forecast in 2023: net profit loss for the whole year, vitamin products are sluggish.2024-01-31
Brother Technologys 2023 performance forecast: the net profit loss is 150-190 million yuan, which is affected by the decline in product prices.2024-01-31
Luwei Pharmaceutical Group invested in the construction of food-grade feed-grade baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) projects.2024-01-19
Shangyu NHU Technical Transformation to Expthe Production of Biotin (Vitamin H) Synthesis Intermediates (Quaternary Alcohol, Diene Ether, Silicone Ether)2024-01-19
The State-owned Assets Supervision Administration Commission of Xiangyang City went to the vitamin B1 enterprise to investigate observe the progress of the vitamin B6 project.2024-01-19
Inner Mongolia Baike Biological Co., Ltd. invested in the reconstruction of coenzyme Q10 (bacterial powder) project2024-01-19
What products does Xinhe New Synthetic Bio-industrial Base project have in Inner Mongolia?2024-01-19
Inner Mongolia Chengxin Yong an Chemical invested 160 million yuan to build creatine monohydrate project.2024-01-19
Golden corn bio-based new material industrial park 200,000 tons of amino acid project2024-01-19
Hebei Weidakang Bio completed nearly 100 million yuan of A round financing, products such as 5- hydroxytryptophan melatonin landed to expthe global market.2024-01-19
Hunan Dongting Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. expanded the Isepamicin Sulfate API project.2024-01-19
Affected by a factory safety accident, vitamin A manufacturers stopped reporting across the board.2024-01-12
Vitamin D3 manufacturers stopped reporting across the board prices stopped falling.2024-01-12
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